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  • 30 stycznia 2012
Kobyłka- town situated 18 km away from Warsaw, almost 20 thousand inhabitants, the quiet, green, international events. The town invests in its development and has been rewarded many for that times:
  • Ranking European Community- European Town in which there are self- governments leveraging and harnessing most of the European funds. It includes all kinds of EU programs whose beneficiaries are not only local authorities and their subordinate organizational units but also businesses and social organizations.

Since 2007 Kobyłka is an annual winner. The greatest success is the second place in Poland in 2008.

  •  Ranking of the weekly „Wspólnota”- a magazine dealing with local government.

In the ranking of investment government are taken into consideration actions aimed at developing of technical infrastructure. Kobyłka took the fourth place in it in 2011.

Development Strategy of the town envisages for the following years:

  • Continuation of the actions related to the development of technical infrastructure,
  • Promotion of actions protecting cultural and ecological values,
  • Development of specialized and environmentally safe entrepreneurship.

Kobyłka, thanks to its location, is an extremely attractive place to invest in sports and leisure field as well as in the hotel business. It has adequate areas facilities. We already have a playing field with a surface having FIFA RECOMMENDED II STAR certificate and plans for a sports and conference center nearby. We should be happy to cooperate with interested investors.

The second line of the Warsaw Subway and development of road infrastructure planned for the next two years (road S8) will significantly increase the attractiveness of the area. Getting to Warsaw will be extremely convenient

The International Festival „Pearl of the Baroque- concerts of the masters” is also a great magnet. It is music of the highest level which attracts the stars of music scenes from Europe and USA. The winners of Middem Classic Award and Grammy played in here. Concerts are held in the evenings in the historic, extraordinary and beautiful interiors of Basilica Minor of the Holy Trinity. During four editions of the Festival it had 16 thousand of listeners from all over Europe. It is also an investment opportunity. The best way to check it is to come.


Contact with the Town
 Phone number: 00 48 22 760 70 08 or 00 48 22 760 70 45
 Post adres:

Urząd Miasta Kobyłka
Wołomińska Street 1
05-230 Kobyłka



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